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The Sandpiper' Spell

The Sandpiper's Spell ricochets through time and space, collecting psychic and geographic memories, images, and artifacts to assemble as the ingredients of metamorphosis. It is a book about remembering which spell to cast, a letter home, and a ceremony that follows the immersive theatrical style that the author has helped popularize in current culture.

The Sandpiper’s Spell feels like an homage to the fragility of life. Death so close, but beauty closer. It requires slow, deep, repeated reading. The imagery is complex and layered. Often unexpected, like a dance, a quick shift in direction.” — Andrea Lepcio, playwright and author of Looking for the Pony

TOM PEARSON is an artist working in written media and performance, best known for his theatrical works, including the immersive theatre hits Then She Fell and The Grand Paradise. The Sandpiper’s Spell is his first book.

Hardcover, paperback, and E-book available at the Author's Amazon Page.